Immerse yourself in a culture that has influenced the western world for hundreds of years!

The French are very proud of their contributions to art, literature, philosophy, architecture, food, sports and film. But France also offers breath-taking scenery - from the Alps to the forest-covered Mountains in the northeast, the Pyrenees along the Spanish border and the beaches on the Mediterranean!

Experience one of the most popular tourist destinations as an exchange student!

  • Live and study in Paris or one of France's other amazing cities
  • Eat a croissant for breakfast every day
  • Smile back at the Mona Lisa
  • Feel secure with local support always available

During your exchange in France you have the unique opportunity to be more than just a tourist and to experience the country with all its facets from up close. While staying with your host family and attending a French school, you will experience the typical French way of life!

  • Age: between 14 and 18 years
  • Language: Students are not required to be fluent in French before departure, but as school subjects are taught in French, we advise to start learning the language before arriving in France.
  • Academic level:Students are required to have a minimum overall academic record of a 60% average in the last three years.
  • Status: You need to be a learner at high school.
  • Mindset: Curious, openminded and keen to immerse yourself in a life changing experience!
  • Vaccinations/Immunisations: Mandatory vaccination are Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis. A Covid vaccine is not mandatory, but it is advised.

DurationStart ProgramApplication Deadline
1 monthTo be confirmedTo be confirmed
2 monthsTo be confirmedTo be confirmed
3 monthsAugust 202330 March 2023
 Janaury 202430 September 2023
6 monthsAugust 202330 March 2023
 January 202430 September 2023
11monthsAugust 202330 March 2023
 January 202430 September 2023


Public Option:
You will be placed anywhere in France - no choice  

Private Option:
You will have the option to choose between the following two locations: Salon de Provence (Viala Lacoste School) or central Tarbes, in South-Western France (Jeanne d’Arc School)

  • School expectations: High
  • Subjects: Mandatory French, History-Geography, foreign languages and sport classes. Optional classes such as Arts, Maths, Biology. 
  • School day: Participants will attend classes at a local lycée from Monday to Friday. Saturday classes may be allocated. Classes are from 8.30am to 5.00pm or later. 
  • The school year in France runs from September to June.

You will live with a French family. You will share their everyday life, participate in activities and adapt to the family rules as a family member. In France, high school students buy lunch at the school cafeteria.

GROW Abroad will provide you with all the necessary information and documents needed. We will guide you through the paper jungle and make sure you leave prepared. We also organise a meeting with your parents to make sure they are all up to date. 

There is a local mandatory orientation (included in program fees) and an optional 4 day Orientation in Paris that would be for your own expense. 

In addition to your host family, our French partner will also support and assign you a local coordinator whom you will be introduced to upon arrival. They will be available to help with your needs, adjust to the new culture and school environment. 

Depending on the period you are in France and the location you are placed, you may be given the opportunity to travel with your host family or to join an organised multi-day tour  with the ‘partner organisation’. You will be expected to pay your own way.

  • 1 month: from € 3,000
  • 2 months: from € 3,600
  • Trimester (3 months): from € 4,300
  • Semester (5 months): from € 5,400
  • Academic year (10 months): from € 6,400

Our local partner offers a health, liability and accident insurance package which is included in the program cost. 

We will advise you about which visa you need, this will be dependent on your length of stay. We will support you with all the documents you need to apply for your visa. 

The application process consists of the following steps:

  1. Apply by clicking the “Enquire Now” button above
  2. Personal interview and acceptance
  3. Preparation 
  4. Orientation program for students and parents to prepare for your experience

14 - 18 years

2 -10 months

Host family stay

Co-ed school


From € 3,000

Application Process

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