If you are ready to discover Italian culture and life, you have clicked on the right page!

There are no people like the Italians! They are friendly, humorous, hospitable, generous and extremely patriotic. If you are interested in finding out more about a High School Abroad experience in this country, continue reading to find out how GROW Abroad and its trusted Italian partner can make your time in Italy a memorable one!

Are you ready to learn a new language and interested in a place where culture and natural beauty come together? Italy is the perfect place for you!

  • Live in one of Italy's ancient cities or in the beautiful countryside
  • Discover where the romans come from and what they left behind
  • Learn to make the perfect pizza and pasta
  • Feel secure with local support of a host family and Italian organisation

Our programs in Italy give you the opportunity to fully integrate into the Italian way of life - from attending classes at an Italian school, socialising and networking with locals to enjoying and authentic pizza with "no pineapple". Plus Italy has an unlimited amount of beautiful lakes, museums, cities and landscapes to explore.

  • Age: between 14 and 18 years
  • Language: Students are not required to be fluent in Italian before departure, but as school subjects are taught in Italian, we advise to start learning the language before arriving in Italy.
  • Academic level: Students are required to have a minimum overall academic record of a 60% average in the last three years.
  • Vaccinations/Immunisations: Mandatory vaccinations, Diphteria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Polio, Mumps, Measles, Rubella and Hepatitis B. Covid 19 vaccinations recommended
  • Status: You need to be a learner at high school.
  • Mindset: Curious, openminded and keen to immerse yourself in a life changing experience!

DurationStart ProgramApplication Deadline
2 MonthsSeptember 20239 June 2023
2 MonthsJanuary 2024October 2023
3 MonthsSeptember 20239 June 2023
3 MonthsJanuary 2024October 2023
5 MonthsSeptember 202315 February 2023
5 MonthsJanuary 202415 July 2023
10 MonthsSeptember 202315 February 2023
10 MonthsJanuary 202415 July 2023

Students will be placed in any region of Italy according to availability.

Students are mainly placed in public high schools, identified by host families - either because they have kids attending that specific school or because it is located close to their home. 

Students do not wear formal school uniforms as in South African public schools, though there are guidelines for accepted clothing ( example - long trousers, no shorts etc.)

The Italian school system generally has a 6 day schooling week, so be prepared to attend school on a Saturday too. However, school days are generally shorter (8am to 1pm) with a short 10 minute break around 11a.m. The Italian Academic year starts in mid-September and ends at the start of June the following year.

High schools in Italy are differentiated by 5 main curricula specialities.

 ·        Humanities (focus on: language, literature and philosophy)
·         Classic (focus on: Latin, Greek and literature)
·         Scientific (focus on: Maths, physics and sciences)
·         Language (focus on: Three foreign languages)
·         Vocational (focus on: Economy, Law and Accounting) 

Students can express their preferences, but placement in the desired school cannot be guaranteed.

The host family will welcome you like you are a member of their family, involve you in their family life and assist you with settling in. Host families will provide you with 3 meals daily and comfortable accommodation. This means that you will have your own bed, but might share a room with a host sibling of the same sex and with a maximum age difference of 4 years.

Our local partner makes sure host families are carefully selected and prepared for your arrival.

GROW Abroad will provide you with all the necessary information and documents needed. We will guide you through the paper jungle and make sure you leave prepared. We will also organise a meeting with your parents to make sure they are all up to date. 

If you arrive in January or September - you will be welcomed with a 4 day orientation in the beautiful city of Milan. During these first days you will spend time with other exchange students, share expectations and fears, explore the city together as you start building new friendships with other young people from all over the world.

During this period our partner will tell you all about the program and its rules,what you can expect from the Italian school system, the Italian way of living and some of the most peculiar and fun local traditions. This will help you to transit smoothly into the Italian way of life. 

In addition to your host family, our Italian partner will also support and assign you a local coordinator whom you will be introduced to upon arrival. They will be available to help with your needs, adjust to the new culture and school environment.

Larger trips are optional and will be at your own expense, but they provide another opportunity for you to explore Italy. These may include a trip to Rome during spring, a 7 day trip to Sardinia at the end of the school year, or possible pre-arranged trips with your host family. The costs of these will be communicated to you in advance in order for you to confirm participation.

  • 1 month: from € 3,200
  • 2 months: from € 3,300
  • Trimester (3 months): from € 3,800
  • Semester (5 months): from € 4,300
  • Academic year (10 months): from € 5,200

Insurance is mandatory and not included in the program fees. You will need insurance that covers health, accidents and third party liabilities. Optional Caremed Insurance: approx. €600 Euros for 10 months.

We will support you with all the documents you need to apply for your visa, as your visa type will vary depending on your length of stay in your exchange country.

The application process consists of the following steps:

  1. Apply by clicking the “Enquire Now” button above
  2. Personal interview and acceptance
  3. Preparation 
  4. Orientation program for students and parents to prepare for your experience

14 - 18 years

2 -10 months

Host family

Local school


From € 3,200

Application Process

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