The Netherlands

Enjoy your exchange in one of the safest and happiest countries in the world!

The Netherlands offers a diverse environment, international culture and limitless opportunities. Located at the heart of Europe, it attracts students from all over the world every year. A small country for a big exchange!

Are you ready to learn a new language and interested in a place where you cycle to school every day? The Netherlands is the perfect place for you!

  • Live in one of the beautiful Dutch cities or in the picturesque countryside
  • Get to know national holidays like King’s Day and Sinterklaas
  • Enjoy typical Dutch snacks like ‘bitterballen’ and ‘kaassouffle’s’
  • Feel secure with local support always available

Due to the cosmopolitanism and warmth of the Dutch people, you will quickly feel at home. During your stay abroad, you will notice the interest in other cultures not only in your host family, but also in school. Therefore, it will not be difficult for you to find new friends quickly.

  • Age: between 14 and 18 years
  • Grades: Students are required to have a  minimum overall academic record of a ‘C’ average in the last three years.
  • Academic level: Students are required to have a minimum overall academic record of a 70% average in the last three years.
  • Language: Students are not required to know Dutch before departure, but are advised to start learning it before they depart as classes are taught in Dutch.
  • Status: Learner at a high school
  • Mindset: Curious, openminded and keen to immerse yourself in a life changing experience!
  • Vaccinations/Immunisations: It is not mandatory for students to be vaccinated against Covid-19 however, it is highly recommended.

DurationProgram StartApplication Deadline
2 monthsAugust 202315 February 2023
 October 202301 July 2023
 November 202301 August 2023
 January 202401 September 2023
3 monthsAugust 202315 February 2023
 October 202301 July 2023
 November 202301 August 2023
 January 202401 September 2023
5 monthsAugust 202315 February 2023
 January 202401 September 2023
10 monthsAugust 202315 February 2023
 January 202401 September 2023


You will be placed in any region in the Netherlands according to availability and the location of your host family. 

The Netherlands has a very high level of education. Exchange students are generally placed in a class which corresponds with grade 10 or 11 in South Africa. General courses in a Dutch secondary school are Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Science, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Geography, History, Physical Education, Art and Art History.

In the Netherlands, students learn from a young age to work individually and to take responsibility for their own studies. Students learn to plan and to work efficiently on their own. The teacher encourages students to have an opinion and discuss topics.

Normally students go to school from Monday until Friday, there are no lessons on Saturday. School normally starts at 8:30 am and ends around 3:00 pm. For each student it might be different because it depends on the level and the grade where the student has been placed. The duration of the lessons is usually 50 minutes and the student will have two or three breaks. Most of the students bring their self made lunch to school.


Our local partner makes sure host families are carefully selected and prepared for the arrival of an international student. They will involve the student in every activity and will help them settle in, especially during the first period of the exchange.

GROW Abroad will provide you with all the necessary information and documents needed. We will guide you through the paper jungle and make sure you leave prepared. We will also organise a meeting with your parents to make sure they are all up to date.

When you arrive in the Netherlands, our local partner will take you on an orientation week in Amsterdam to prepare you for your exchange adventure. Your Dutch language training will continue with two full days of conversation classes. If you can’t ride a bike you will receive lessons and will be taken on an introductory cycle tour.

The orientation week is packed with classes on cultural diversity and topics like host family life, school and making friends in a new country. Of course, there’s plenty of time for fun activities too.

In addition to your host family, our Dutch partner will also support and assign you a local coordinator whom you will be introduced to upon arrival. They will be available to help with your needs, adjust to the new culture and school environment.

Depending on the period you are in the Netherlands and the location you are placed, you may be given the opportunity to travel with your host family or to join an organised multi-day tour with the ‘partner organisation’. You will be expected to pay your own way.

  • 2 months: from € 6,000
  • Trimester (3 months): from € 6,400
  • Semester (5 months): from € 8,400
  • Academic year (9 months): from € 9,200

Tasman Insurance is included which covers SOS assistance, luggage, full medical, accidents and liability.

We will advise you about which visa you need, this will be dependent on your length of stay. We will support you with all the documents you need to apply for your visa. 

The application process consists of the following steps:

  1. Apply by clicking the “Enquire Now” button above or send an email to
  2. Personal interview and acceptance
  3. Preparation 
  4. Orientation program for students and parents to prepare for your experience

14 - 18 years

2 -10 months

Host family

Local school


From € 6,000

Application Process

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