Are you a South African high school student
between 14 and 18 years old?

Are you interested in other cultures, want to travel independently and eager to learn or improve
another language? Then look no further! Our High School program is what you are looking for!

Are you a South African high school student between 14 - 18 years old?

Are you interested in other cultures, want to travel independently and eager to learn or improve another language? Then look no further! Our High School program is what you are looking for!

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GROWing Abroad

Experiencing a High School Abroad Program will introduce you to a completely different way of life, broaden your worldview and equip you with intercultural competencies which will benefit you immensely in your post-high school career.
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Dream Destinations

We have a variety of partners who we work with across the globe - making our destination choices endless! Each of these countries are unique and offer a different exchange experience; be it the language, culture, school system etc. - we are here to advise you about the best fit for you.

Live like a Local

Our High School Abroad Program will allow you to know a new culture from the inside out. Your wellbeing will be secured as you will be in the care of a trusted host family for the duration of your stay - enabling you to learn about family life, improve your language skills and live like a local.

Supported Countries

Information per Country

If your favourite country is not on this list, please send us a message for the possibilities

Application Process

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Frequently Asked Questions

It will be up to you to start the conversation with your school about the idea of you joining an exchange program. During the application process, we will ask you for a permission letter from your school. Therefore, it is important that they are on board. Some schools may allow their students to return to their peers and fall into the syllabus again, others may ask their students to complete a series of exams/assignments once they return (or even during their exchange) and others may need the students to repeat the term/s they miss while abroad. This decision will be up to your school. However, if needed, we are more than happy to offer you support in beginning the conversation with your school.
This is all different depending on your country of choice. We suggest you find out about the school system in the country you would like to visit. Some of our country options have a private and public option so it is important that you read our country pages first. Let us know if you have any specific questions regarding this topic.
For many of the destinations, yes. However, we recommend you join a program which is 3 months or more. This way you will have a chance to really integrate into the culture.
In most cases not. However, please refer to the information pages per country as we have a few options where you may choose your area or school. An additional cost will almost always be involved. Your host family will always be selected by our local partner overseas.
No, unfortunately not. Our program is geared towards giving you your own individual experience abroad. You are expected to integrate into the local culture and make friends with people with cultures different from their own.
In the language of the country you have opted to go to.
Our partners overseas take their local families through a screening process which determines their suitability to become a successful host family to a high school exchange learner. According to your profile, our partners will do their best to place you with the host family who is most suited to you. It is not a random selection process; our partners take time and care when selecting the perfect host families for our learners. Most of the host families abroad are volunteers who kindly and willingly open their doors to foreign high school learners so they (and their families) are able to learn more about different cultures. Excitingly, you are not the only one who will be exposed to a new culture!
No. The program has set arrival and departure dates. Additional costs will apply should you wish to arrive or depart on dates outside of the set program dates.
No. We will send you the flight requirements and then you will be responsible for booking your own flight. We will send you the day you need to arrive at your destination, the time you need to arrive (so that a local representative can meet you at the airport) as well as which airport you will need to arrive at.
We recommend around R4500 of pocket money a month. Pocket money would be used for personal items and expenses including but not limited to toiletries, phone calls, postage, social activities, entertainment, restaurant, and other meals away from the host family's home, including, but not limited, costs for school canteen or related school lunch costs.
We do not currently offer private GROW Abroad scholarships. However, we often have scholarships from external partners available. We will inform relevant students once these scholarships become available. Please let us know if you have found your own sponsor as we don’t mind contacting them on your behalf.